Military & Police

We deal with many Military and Law Enforcement Agencies  suppling them with the latest technology in firearms and accessories.

Military tactical supply


Our gunsmiths are among the best in the business and we feature comprehensive gun repair. In fact, many gun shops in the area that offer so-called “gunsmithing services” actually bring their guns to us and mark up their prices. With factory armorer’s training on every major brand of firearm, we can stand behind everything we sell. Have an old or rare gun? No problem. Our gunsmiths know how to fix old firearms and can take care of that family heirloom for you. We offer discounted scope mounting, boresighting and night sights installation.

Service & Support

As with any product, abuse, gunsmithing by an unqualified person and normal wear and tear are excluded. Additionally, if the firearm was modified and/or repaired by an unqualified gunsmith without permission from Stealth Tactical, Inc. then the warranty will be void. If warranty work should be required gunsmithing services are available by registered gunsmiths’ of each manufacturer. Please call the telephone number below or email us to get a RMA number first.