Guide to buying firearms online

Our one mission is to provide only the best products to our customers, which include law enforcement and military.

While it is completely legal to purchase a firearm online, federal law will require that the firearm ship to a licensed dealer in your state of residence. You will pick up your firearm from the transfer dealer at which time the dealer will complete the transfer paperwork to you. You place your order with us and pay us. Upon receipt of payment, we will ship the firearm to the FFL dealer of your choosing.
It is your responsibility to have a transfer dealer. We may be able to assist in locating one for you. There are resources such as which are very helpful. We must receive a signed copy of this dealers FFL license before we can ship the firearm.

You pay us for the firearm, not your dealer. Your dealer typically will charge you a transfer fee – this is to cover the time and paperwork required by the firearms dealer to legally transfer the firearm from their shop to you – the new owner. We accept payment in the form of credit card, cashier’s check, money order, or personal check (personal checks require a wait to clear) – or if you decide to pay in person, we do accept cash.

1. Find a licensed dealer in your area.
2. Contact the dealer and ask if they will receive a firearm for transfer from another store.
3. If they do transfers find out their policy on transferring firearms, including their transfer fee.
4. If you agree to their policy, arrange a Firearm Transfer with the dealer. (We do not contact the dealer to arrange a transfer.)
5. If you have questions about the transfer process on their end, ask them.
6. Give them our mailing address, email address where they can send a copy of their FFL.
7. Once you have arranged the transfer, give us the dealer’s business name (the name on the license) so we will know where to ship your order. You can tell us the dealer’s name by typing it in the FFL dealer section of your order.

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